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Bondolio California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bondolio Olive Oil

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2019 Harvest Organic California Olive Oil from Sicilian Varietals

Aroma: Freshly mown grass and green fruit

Flavor: Medium to robust, this exceptionally well balanced extra virgin olive oil has a buttery roundness punctuated by flavors of fresh fava beans, a touch of cinnamon and a gentle, warm pepperiness that tickles the throat.

Uses: Drizzle liberally over any type of shell bean, such as sautéed English peas or fava beans. This Sicilian-style olive oil pairs beautifully with Caprese salad or any tomato dish. Also try finishing steamed artichokes, poached salmon or a mango fruit salsa with Bondolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

About the Producer: Karen and Malcolm Bond have a deep love for the artisan craft of extra virgin olive oil production. Several journeys to Sicily and Southern Italy sparked the couple's interest in olive oil production, and it was there that Karen—in search of the ideal flavor profile—decided upon the olive varietals she would grow. Karen visited Italy frequently to study the farming practices and production methods that she would ultimately employ in her production. Today, she and Malcolm enjoy the Mediterranean climate of the San Joaquin Valley—ideal for olive growing. They follow organic practices and hand-harvest their fruit each autumn. The careful blending of varietals is an art, and in fewer than 10 years, the Bonds are already producing award-winning olive oils reminiscent of the great oils of Sicily and Southern Italy.

Certified extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council

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Bondolio Olive Oil
United States
Winters, Yolo County, California
500 ml
Harvest Date
November 2019
Olive Varietal
Biancolilla, Cerasuola, Nocellara

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