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Biscotti with Almonds from Antonio Mattei

Biscottifico Antonio Mattei

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Classic-Style Almond Biscotti from Tuscany

These classic biscotti should be in your pantry for all occasions. The stunning blue package holds crisp, sweet, twice-baked cookies that are perfect on their own, crumbled over ice cream or dunked in Vin Santo.

The ingredients are simple and fresh — whole eggs, flour, almonds, pine nuts and sugar — but the flavor is far more than the sum of its parts. Biscotti means "twice-baked". The dough is formed into logs for the first baking. When the cookies have cooled, they're cut into their traditional shape and baked again, crisping them to perfection. The double-baking process gives these cookies a long shelf life, but it's made longer by the special bag designed expressly for this biscotti. The bag is double-lined with foil and plastic, to ensure the cookies don't get stale and arrive to you in perfect condition.

If you can make it to Prato, Italy, on Via Ricasoli, you'll find the quaint little shop of Antonio Mattei. They pack the signature blue bags into adorable hat boxes. Pick up some biscotti and stroll over to enjoy a cappucino and see the stunning Castello Dell'imperatore. But on the chance you cannot squeeze in a trip to Italy this winter, we're happy to bring this delicious and authentic treat straight to your doorstep. 

About the producer

The Pandolfini family of Biscottificio Antonio Mattei has been producing the archetypal Biscotti di Prato since 1858 and has not altered their production methods or relaxed their rigorous standards in all this time. Recognized as the original and ultimate biscotti, their famous blue bags tied up with string are found in the best food shops and restaurants around Italy. 

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Biscottifico Antonio Mattei
250 grams or 500 gram bags

Customer Reviews

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Rosemarie Leeds
Great gifts to give.

Well received gifts to give to friends & family after we returned from Italy. It was so much easier than stuffing bags of biscotti in our luggage or carry-on bags. Arrived quickly, packed securely and without breakage. Highly recommend.

Celeste M
A Family Favorite

These are tasty & have a perfect level of crispness. My husband starts every day with coffee & a few of these.

Bosha Stone

Biscotti with Almonds from Antonio Mattei


Biscotti with Almonds from Antonio Mattei

Patricia Oxman
Antonio Mattei Biscotti

Excellent packing job with first rate material. Arrived at my house in perfect condition.