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Balsamic Pearls from Acetaia Leonardi

Acetaia Leonardi

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Balsamic Caviar Bursts on Your Palate

The Leonardi family has always been at the forefront of balsamic vinegar in Modena, Italy, and now, with the development of this precious balsamic “caviar,” the famiglia is bringing molecular gastronomy to the home kitchen. Using a special gelling agent, they have transformed balsamic glaze into small spheres with a liquid heart.

A teaspoon of Balsamic Pearls adds a burst of acidic sweetness to any dish. Amuse your guests with a scattering over deviled eggs, fish crudo, pizza Margherita or atop the mozzarella in a caprese salad. Add a chic touch of color and texture to a grilled pork roast, filet mignon or lamb chops. For the artistic mixologist, the pearls make a perfect addition to a Bloody Mary Martini.

Acetaia Leonardi Balsamic Pearls were one of the best selling gift items of the season. Thanks to Eat the Love for including the pearls in your 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

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Acetaia Leonardi
Modena, Emilia-Romagna
50 grams

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely delicious!

If you like Balsamic Vinegar then you will LOVE these Balsamic Pearls! We had them for the 1st time in Lake Como with a variety of cheeses and bought jars to take home! Absolutely delicious with Bleu Cheese, Goat Cheese etc. Others have said “a little goes a long way” and that is the truth! It makes a wonderful gift for cheese lovers. Enjoy!


Had some friends got back from Italy and brought me a jar...all I can say is it's FANTASTICTO!! Just a few of the Pearls are enough to make your mouth sing...but bear in mind a little goes a long way. Also my seem expensive but it's not and well worth the price. Everyone (and there are only a few) has had an eye-popping, mouth water experience and they beg for way...not until I get another bottle. Buy this when you can and you'll thank me forever.