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Blood Orange Olive Oil from Agrumato®


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Italian Blood Orange Olive Oil 

The transportive aroma of Agrumato Blood Orange Olive Oil is achieved by a unique whole-fruit crushing process, which cannot be duplicated by the more common infusion method of other citrus flavored oils. Whole Sicilian Blood Oranges are pressed with the olives—capturing the essential oils of the dark orange zest and juice in the resulting olive oil. The result —a bright, vivacious oil full of pure peak season blood orange flavor.

How to use

Agrumato Blood Orange Olive Oil's bold and crisp flavor equally elevates both savory and sweet dishes. Use with grilled or raw fish, drizzled generously over a salad of thinly sliced radish and fennel or as a finishing oil on pasta.

For something sweet, use it to make a delectable olive oil cake, atop chocolate gelato or if you want to a maximize your orange experience try a swirl over an orange sorbet.

About the producer

On the eastern coast of Italy, where soft sand meets the rolling waves of the Adriatic Sea, Lino and Francesco Ricci create an extraordinary product usually reserved for friends and family. At the end of each olive harvest, fresh, whole citrus fruits are pressed with olives to make an oil with vibrant and delicious flavors. The most common way of flavoring oils is to infuse, letting the oil and flavoring sit together. This technique gives a less complex, one dimensional flavor. When you open a bottle of Agrumato, the aroma reveals the extra attention that goes into this oil.

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200 ml (6.75 ounces)

Customer Reviews

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Susan James
The Best of Abruzzo

So good! Best flavor yet.

maggie flowers

on fresh tomatoes, salads and stirfries, can't do without it