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1930 Art Deco 3-Cup White Teapot by Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères

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White Isotherm Stoneware Teapot with Tea Cozy & Filter

Transport yourself to one of Mariage Frères famed Paris tea salons with their 1930 Art Deco White Teapot (psst, these are the ones that they actually use in their tea salons!). This 3-cup isotherm stoneware teapot comes with a polished steel tea cozy embellished with Mariage Frères Paris etching. The cozy fits that fits over the teapot and keeps brewed tea hot for about an hour. Also included with this teapot and cozy is a built-in tea filter for easy brewing. 

Mariage Frères 1930 Art Deco teapot makes the ultimate gift for any French tea lover. Pair with a couple tins of any Mariage Frères teas and their crystal sugar candy

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Mariage Frères
One 3-cup white stoneware teapot & cozy