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Red Wine Vinegar from Castello di Volpaia

Castello di Volpaia

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Italian Red Wine Vinegar from Tuscany

The Italian government issued their first license to produce vinegar in Tuscany to Giovannella Stianti, demanding however, that she keep the vinegar production at least 1 kilometer from her wine cellar so as to avoid infecting the wine with the acids from the vinegar. Through a process called "truciolo", the wine percolates through a series of grape vines to transform the alcohol into acetic acid. The result is a vinegar which maintains the character of the wine brilliantly. In the case of the Red Wine Vinegar, Stianti uses Volpaia's Chianti to produce a full bodied vinegar with a nice tartness. Be sure to try the White Wine Vinegar from Castello di Volpaia as well.

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Castello di Volpaia
500 ml

Customer Reviews

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Merilee Huth

Excellent quality.

Jacquelyn Ball
Can’t live without it …

I have been using this vinegar for nearly 20 years. Previously, a small gourmet shop in my neighborhood carried it. Unless they do not carry it anymore. I try to make do with other vinegars, but I gave up and paid more than I wanted to. The vinegar has a nice complex flavor end it is a little more gentle than other red wine vinegars with the same acidity. I bought six bottles to reduce the per bottle shipping cost. Initially I thought that I would give some as gifts, but I’m keeping all of it! I have used up six bottles in the past with no problem.

Takes Red Wine Vinegar to a New Level

I have been looking for a true red wine vinegar with notes of the wine itself and the perfect acidity. This is it. Far beyond anything you can buy in an American grocery store.

Christopher Lee

Red Wine Vinegar from Castello di Volpaia

Debbie Anderson-Smith