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Umbrian Lentils from La Valletta

La Valletta

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Lentils grown in Umbria, particularly the village of Colfiorito, have become world renowned. These lentils are prized for their petite size, tender skin and delicately earthy flavor. This variety does not require any pre-soaking, cooks up to an al dente texture in 20 minutes and still holds their shape.  

How to use

The ability to maintain their shape makes Umbrian lentils a great choice for soups, stews and salads where they’ll provide texture and chew. They can also be cooked with aromatics like garlic, rosemary and thyme and served alongside rich mains like sausages and pork chops. 

About the producer

The La Valletta farm was founded in 1985 by Antonio and Adriana Cappelletti in Colfiorito, a village in the heart of the Umbria-Marche Apennine mountains. Colfiorito’s unique microclimate and terroir provide the optimal conditions for growing legumes and La Valletta—now run and operated by the second and third generations of Cappellettis—is committed to honoring the land by employing traditional farming methods and plastic-free packaging.

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La Valletta
400 g - 14.1 oz

Customer Reviews

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Ginnie Lebosse
Love Italian lentils

Because we strictly follow a WFPBNO diet, when my daughter traveled to Italy they brought us back Italian beans, lentils and limoncello.
The cooked lentils had such a great flavor that I searched on line for more from Italy. These are as good as the lentils they brought back.
Without oil or fat it’s difficult to add flavor to plain lentils with just herbs and veggies. These are good enough to eat with simple clean ingredients.
Thank you!!!