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Organic Sicilian Thyme Branches from Gangi Dante

Gangi Dante

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Whole Dried Thyme Leaves from Italy

Pungent and bright, these whole dried thyme branches are harvested just before the plants go to flower. The Gangi family dries their thyme on-site at their farm in Sicily and leaves the branch intact to preserve all the essential oils that give thyme its trademark spicy and woody aromas. 

How to use

Gently crush the cluster of leaves to release their flavor and mix into dry rubs and marinades for roasted potatoes, grilled chicken and everything in between. To add a deeper flavor to broths and stocks, simmer one to two thyme branches in the liquid. Or make your own bouquet garni to enhance soups, stews or beans, by tying together thyme, parsley with a Gangi Dante Sicilian Bay Leaf.

About the producer

Azienda Agricola Gangi Dante, a family-run business, specializes in farming and preserving local varieties of herbs and spices using traditional methods. Their certified organic 80-acre farm is located at the base of Sicily’s Madonie Mountains, known for its rugged terrain and the nature preserve Madonie Park. The park creates a unique environment, providing not only a beautiful natural landscape, but also protects the area’s ecosystem and village culture. Maintaining this balance inspires Gangi Dante to bridge local traditions with modern approaches to sustainability—like running their entire farm on solar power—enabling them to share their authentic Sicilian flavors.

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Gangi Dante
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Merilee Huth

Very flavorful. Will buy again.