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Mugolio (Pine Cone Bud Syrup) from Primitivizia


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Italian Pine Cone Bud Condiment for Desserts, Baking & Cheese

As seen in the New York Times Dining Section

The Dolomite Alps hold the secret to one of our favorite products—the mugo pine. A miniature pine tree of about 5 - 10 feet, this petite tree produces a pine cone that holds a sweet elixir, drawn out by the sun.

Elinora Cunacia—owner of Primitivizia—harvests these pine cones and stores them in sun-drenched glass jars for a few months, coaxing out the sweet syrup from within. In late Autumn, the syrup is filtered and cooked with sugar to a deep golden brown liquid. This prized condiment has a rich, woodsy honeyed flavor that complements fall produce like apples and pears, wild game and hearty meats as well as creamy cheeses like ricotta and mascarpone.

How to use

  • Serve whole-roasted apples with a dollop of mascarpone and a drizzle of mugolio.
  • Purée fresh whole-milk ricotta with a bit of mugolio and serve alongside a poached pear. 
  • Serve fresh vanilla gelato with sliced peaches and finish with mugolio.
  • Pour a bit over panna cotta or any custard.
  • Fill a crepe with creamy ricotta or mascarpone, sauteed pears and a drizzle of mugolio.
  • Use as a sauce for duck.

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Trentino-Alto Adige
100 milliliters

Customer Reviews

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Dolores Moe
What's not to like about Mugolio syrup.

Who would have ever thought there was a syrup from a pine cone bud. So very good. I've drizzled it over cheese, and over vanilla ice w/strawberries. I could drink this out of the bottle. I'm on my second bottle. This is one of my favorite new products.

sherry warwar
Throwback to childhood experience in Lebanon

My husband loves this product! He found it in a small homemade pasta shop in Dayton, Ohio and it reminded him of time spent in Lebanon when he was a child. The pasta shop no longer sells the product and we were very excited to see it sold online !

Pine Syrup

I have tried this syrup. Very good, but there is also another one on the market Ion Syrup and same but larger bottle. It's UK, not sure if they deliver to USA. Pine syrup lovely with goats cheese and figs.


The first time I saw this, I thought it sounded very unique but was hesitant to order based on the price compared to the amount in the bottle. However, I did order, and have since ordered a second bottle. It lasts longer than you'd expect since you only need a small drizzle when using it with cheese. I have also topped flavored pastas with ricotta and a drizzle of this syrup. I will need to try Sally's suggestion of drizzling over cheesecake!

Love this product! very exotic

It's diverse and ads depth and interest to many dishes. Wonderful as a glaze for baked salmon.