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Japanese Smoked Shoyu by Yugeta Shoyu

The Japanese Pantry

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Artisanal Smoked Soy Sauce from Japan

Just outside of Tokyo, Japan, in the village of Tawame, Saitama Prefecture, the Yugeta family has been making traditional Japanese shoyu for almost one hundred years (they started making soy sauce in 1923). Now run by fourth generation Mr. Yohichi Yugeta, their shoyu making process remains the same: brewed naturally using only Japanese-grown soybeans and wheat. 

Their Smoked Shoyu is gently smoked over cherry wood for a deep, umami-rich condiment with rich, woodsy notes and a round smokiness (a little goes a long way here!). Refrigerate after opening. 

How to use

Use Yugeta Shoyu's smoked soy sauce anywhere you want a boost of smoky flavor, from vegetables of all kinds to meats, fish and seafood. Use as a condiment to finish reverse-seared steak, poached chicken and whole-roasted fish. Or use in marinades and dipping sauces. 

This smoky shoyu is stunning showcased with starches. Drizzle over a bowl of long-cooked okayu (Japanese-style savory rice porridge) and top with a jammy-yolked 6-minute egg and salt-fermented Japanese pickles. Brush over yaki onigiri (grilled rice balls) instead of regular shoyu. Or combine with yuzu juice and a pinch of  Sancho chile for a bright, spicy smoky dressing for cold soba noodles or a dip for somen noodles.

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The Japanese Pantry
Tawame, Saitama Prefecture
210 milliliters

Customer Reviews

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Joy Mara
Smokin' Sauce

The smokiness really provides another level of flavor that deepens the soy sauce. I used it first in a vinaigrette to dress grilled eggplant. More to come - a new must for my pantry!