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Crunchy and Sweet Peanut Spread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Do you dream of all things peanut butter? Then you’ll love the newest dessert spread from Il Colle del Gusto: Arachidella. Made with extra virgin olive oil, Arachidella spread is smooth, creamy, crunchy, peanutty bliss, all wrapped up in one jar. Upon first taste, get lost in its silky, velvety texture—rich with notes of roasted nuts—and crunchy bits of candied peanuts.

The addition of extra virgin olive oil (no preservatives or fillers here!) gives Arachidella an incredibly luscious mouthfeel that’ll have you eating it directly out of the jar.

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How to use

In our humble opinion, we believe it’s necessary to have at least two jars of Arachidella on hand—one for eating straight out of the jar (yes, it’s that good) and one to fulfill all your baking and dessert desires. Double the peanut delight and use as a filling for peanut butter sandwich cookies. Drizzle over vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Or, simply slather on a piece of toast and top with sliced apples or bananas for an everyday treat.

Looking for a dessert that wows? Make a frozen PB&J tart: spread a thin layer of Heidi’s Raspberry Jam over a prepared graham cracker crust, top with a mixture of whipped cream and Arachidella, garnish with chopped toasted peanuts and freeze until set. Cutting pro-tip: for clean slices, run the knife under hot water, dry and then use to slice.

About the Producer

In 2012, Antonio Della Corte was creating sweet mixes for gelaterie and pastry shops and Anna Maria Conti was running a farm, bed and breakfast a few miles north of Rome. In a blend as natural as chocolate and hazelnut, the two combined their talents to produce a line of spreads made with Anna Maria's own extra virgin olive oil and nuts grown on friends' farms. We met the couple (partners in business and in life) at the farmers market in Rome just three months after the launch of their delicious creations, and we loved the spreads so much that we decided right there and then to bring them back for you.

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Il Colle del Gusto
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Customer Reviews

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Dorothy Kirk
Best ever!

I love this peanut butter ... so crunchy and tasty. I eat it on toast for breakfast, on oatcakes as a snack, .... many uses. It's delicious.

Teddy Cooper

After the jar of Arachidella Crunchy Peanut Spread was opened all civility went out the window -- it was eaten off fingers, forks, spoons, english muffins and whatever cookie or cracker was within reach. Needless to say this is a stocking-stuffer for all!