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Agen Prunes Stuffed with Prune Mousse from Coufidou


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The stuffed prunes of Agen (Pruneaux d’Agen Fourrés) are a classic holiday delicacy, ranking as one of the most prestigious gifts in France.

Tender Agen prunes are pitted, dried, gently rehydrated, and generously filled with a smooth purée of their own fruit, delicately flavored with lemon peel and vanilla. In France, these prunes are enjoyed as a dessert, served with Armagnac or Banyuls wine at the end of a meal. They also pair beautifully with a cup of Mariage Frères tea for an afternoon treat. Each tin contains 12 prunes and makes a wonderful gift.

About the producer

Coufidou is a co-op of 80 small Agen prune farmers and producers in the area of Sainte Livrade-sur-Lot in southwestern France. Agen prunes are a unique variety of plum known for being very sweet, but not very juicy and therefore, perfect for dehydrating and preserving. In 1992, the Agen prune was granted L’Indication géographique protégée (IGP) status by the French government to protect against imposters.

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12 pieces (450 grams)

Customer Reviews

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Peter Piper
Treats from Southern France

A wonderful delicious Agen Pruneaux.

Jason S.
Awesome Agen Prunes!

Amazing , hard-to-find product at a great price. Thank you!

Sophie M Woodle
Absolutely delicious!

I saw these for the first time on TikTok and I ordered a tin for myself and for my mother. They are as delicious and beautiful as I hoped they would be! I only wish the tin came with two layers of prunes. I'll be sad when they're gone!