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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Fat Gold

Fat Gold

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Fat Gold's 2023 harvest is made entirely from Frantoio olives and is bold with artichoke-like green notes both on the nose and palate. Its persistent peppery finish lingers and builds, making this extra virgin oil a great match for stronger flavors. A robust-intensity oil. 

How to use

A classic finishing oil for steaks and braised meats, vegetarians will also appreciate Fat Gold's rich, herbaceous profile. Drizzle over hearty salads piled high with bitter chicories and arugula or roasted Brussels sprouts and broccolini. 

About the producer

Fat Gold is an independent, small-batch olive oil producer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The founders, Kathryn Tomajan and Robin Sloan launched Fat Gold in 2016 and have steadily gained a loyal following for their award-winning oils. 

More Info

Fat Gold
United States
Bay Area, California
Harvest Date
Fall 2023
Olive Varietal
Frantoio, Leccino

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul K
Fat Chance

So many fine choices for EVOO on Market Hall.
I went to the Fat Gold producers website and was delighted by the details of their work, process and values. At the first taste of Fat Gold I was so glad that I had chosen it. Exactly what I love in an oil, flavorful and peppery. I couldn’t recommend this more.

Ghussan Munem

Fat Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil