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Dolmades from Marianna’s


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Greek Stuffed Vine Leaves

Recipes for stuffed grape leaves vary from region to region, but these Dolmades from Marianna’s are firmly planted in the Greek tradition. Each dolma is carefully hand-wrapped in Sultana grape vine leaves harvested from the Kazakis family farm in Halkidiki, and stuffed with a bright, herbaceous blend of rice, onions, mint, dill and lemon juice. 

These dolmades add a fresh quality to any mezze spread. Do as the Greeks do and arrange the dolmades on a platter and finish them off with a drizzle of delicate extra virgin olive oil, like Biancolilla Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Titone, and a squeeze of lemon.

Ingredients: Marianna's vineleaves*, rice, spring onion, red onion, mint, dill, parsley, natural lemon juice, sunflower oil, salt, pepper, sugar. No preservatives or additives. Refrigerate after opening. *Organic Farming Product.

Want to make your own dolmades? You’ll need to start with Marianna’s Organic Vine Leaves.

About the producer

Marianna is the matriarch of the Kazakis family and the namesake of the family-run business based in Halkidiki, Greece. Founded in 1994, Marianna’s initially earned acclaim for their family vineyard’s Sultana grape vine leaves. Over the last 30 years, Marianna’s has expanded their offerings, remaining steadfast in their commitment to only using organic, locally grown Greek ingredients and traditional recipes.

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7 oz - 200 g

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David Spear

Have been trying for years to find delicious prepared dolmades; finally succeeded!! Wonderful!