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Vieiru DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Almazara As Pontis

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2021 Harvest Olive Oil of an Award-Winning Spanish Producer

Tasting notes

Vieiru Extra Virgin Olive Oil is herbaceous with subtle hints of grass and green tomato, offering a slight bitterness and a lovely long finish. A light to medium oil.

How to use

A great all-purpose olive oil. Fry an egg for a fried egg sandwich in Vieiru Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Or, use this olive oil in a vinaigrette for a seared tuna salad, as a finishing oil for puréed white bean soup, or in the Roman pasta dish Cacio e Pepe.

About the Producer

This single-varietal extra virgin olive oil is the estate oil of Almazara As Pontis, named The Best Olive Oil Mill in Spain 2017. It is produced using 100% Manzanilla Cacereña olives, and is milled by cold extraction within a few hours of harvest. Vieiru DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil carries a Gata-Hurdes DOP (designation of origin), which ensures that the olives must be of high stability, virgin, and of a pure, single varietal olive with no mixtures. The region of Sierra de Gata-Hurdes is located in the northwest of the Extremadura, where Manzanilla Cacereña olive trees reach their maximum quality.

Upon harvest, the olives are pressed on site using a state-of-the-art Pieralisi oil mill. The entire production is sustainable, taking place within a comprehensive, eco-friendly integration: olives from the estate's old groves; power generated by a biodigester; water purified in-house and recycled; and crushed olives used as fertilizer the groves. Almazara As Pontis has won 52 awards in the last two seasons, and in 2017 was recognized as The Best Olive Oil Mill in Spain by the Spanish Association of Olive Municipalities (AEMO)—a stunning achievement for this small, artisanal producer.


  • 2019 New York International Olive Oil Competition: Gold 

More Info

Almazara As Pontis
500 ml
Harvest Date
Fall 2021
Olive Varietal
Manzanilla Cacereña

Customer Reviews

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Pilar Lenora Robledo
Best olive oil on earth!

Thank you for carrying this oil. It is very difficult to find in the USA, but more people should know about the protected origin olive that only grows in Sierra de la Gata.