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Milk Chocolate, Pecan & Caramel Tortoises with Smoked Salt from Ashby Confections

Ashby Confections

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Handmade Caramel and Pecan Tortoise Dipped in Chocolate

These palm-sized sweet and savory tortoises are easily one of Ashby Confections most beloved treats—and, for good reason! One bite and you'll be in chocolate caramel heaven. Crafted with fair trade milk chocolate, these tortoises are the perfect combination of flavors, from the sweet creamy, buttery notes of the caramel to the deep, roasted nuttiness of the pecans. A sprinkle of smoked Alderwood sea salt finishes everything off!

Using all organic dairy products for these tortoises makes for an even richer and more complex ensemble of flavors. These packs of two are perfect for sharing with a friend (or, hoarding them for yourself). For simple yet satisfying dessert, cut into quarters and serve alongside glasses of your favorite Cabernet or Zinfandel wine.

About the Producer

Founder of Ashby Confections, Jennifer Ashby, has not only made a place for people to treat themselves to an elevated confection experience, but has also made it one where you can see first-hand the true artwork that goes into each chocolate, caramel or candy. 

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Ashby Confections
United States
Santa Cruz, California
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Larry Narachi
Rich, chewy, delicious and OH SO GOOD

This confection is so good - the pecans make it decadent