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Lavender Honey Squares Pâtes de Fruits by F. Doucet

F. Doucet

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French Jelly Candies Made with Provençal Lavender Honey

The lavender specific to Provence has become emblematic of region. In this picturesque part of southeast France, rolling fields of lavender are everywhere: alongside homes, in public parks, and alongside the roadways. The lavender honey from Provence is prized for its delicate sweetness and subtle herbaceousness. 

Made by one of our favorite French pâtes de fruits producer, these lavender honey squares are made exclusively with this rare, treasured honey. Each soft, sugar-dusted square highlights the nuanced floral flavor that the honey is known for. For le parfait French-inspired gift, pair this 9-piece Provençal candy with a tin of Mariage Frères tea.

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F. Doucet
90 grams (9 pieces)

Customer Reviews

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Ron Prestia
My new favorite …

These Squares are irresistible! I just ordered 5 more!

Unique Flavor.

The Doucet brand is simply the best. I love all their Pates de Fruit squares. The Lavender Honey Squares flavor is unique, not a fruit flavor but it is delicious. I can never eat just one piece. I always buy several of the packages when they are available. If you like honey, you'll love these.

Mark H
Dense with Flavor

These have a deliciously deep flavor of honey with a slight sweet lavender hint. The lavender is neither too perfumed nor flowery. Right amount of sugar crunch on the outside and the pate is dense and toothsome. This is a beautiful candy that someone has taken great care to craft. I think I might ask it to marry me.