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Chocolate Peppermint Creams from Summerdown

Summerdown Pure Mint

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The nice folks at Summerdown are singlehandedly resurrecting a nearly extinct species of mint to make these wonderful chocolates. This variety of mint has a breathtakingly fresh, clean taste and its depth pairs beautifully with the dark chocolate in which they enrobe these pucks of minty jelly. During our first tasting of these, we couldn’t resist a comparative sample alongside that other famous chocolate mint candy - the Junior Mint. One taster revealed his skepticism - “there won’t be much of a difference.” Well, we should be showing you a picture of his face as his teeth snapped through the shell of the Summerdown - pure joy. The gooey mess of a Junior Mint and the indefinable flavors simply pale in comparison. Rich chocolate and bright minty sweetness win every time. Trust us.

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Summerdown Pure Mint
United Kingdom
200 grams

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