Askinosie Chocolate

Askinosie Chocolate is a small, family run business from Missouri, that is the brainchild of its founder, Shawn Askinosie. Shawn travels the world to meet with farmers and ensure they are paid a fair price for their beans. He then takes those beans home and processes them in his Springfield factory into bars, cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

In addition to making top quality chocolate products, Askinosie Chocolate believes in giving back to the communities they have a connection with. They have initiated a program called Stake in the Outcome, which gives cocoa farmers a percentage of profits made from the final chocolate products, in addition to fair market prices for their cocoa beans.

Askinosie also started the Chocolate University, which partners with schools in the Springfield, MO neighborhood that houses their factory. Serving low-income and homeless children, the goals of the Chocolate University are to inspire children about entrepreneurship and a world beyond their own.

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