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Cabernet & Chestnut Honey Vinegar from Alemany Mel y Turrón

Alemany Mel y Turrón

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Spanish Agredolç Made with Vinegar and Honey

This Spanish sweet-and-sour condiment (also know as agredolç) is a blend of Cabernet red wine vinegar and Spanish chestnut honey. The deep, rich red fruit notes of the vinegar find a beautiful balance with the savory sweetness and delicate bitterness of the chestnut honey. 

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How to use

Alemany Mel y Turrón's Cabernet and Chestnut Honey Vinegar adds depth, richness and tang with a simple pour, spoonful or drizzle. It elevates pan sauces for pork, duck and lamb to something extraordinary (warning: you may be tempted to lick your plate). Or, whisk equal parts of honey vinegar and extra virgin olive oil together and use as a dressing for grilled winter chicories like treviso and endive. 

This Spanish honey vinegar also makes a wonderful addition to drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic (we love it added to sparkling water for an elegant alcohol-free libation!). 

About the producer

Alemany Mel y Turrón is an independent honey and turrón producer located in the remote valley of Os de Balaguer in northern Spain. They gather honey from all over Spain—and only from Spain—concentrating on monofloral (single flower) varieties like rare thyme, rosemary and chestnut honey. Alemany's artisanal production practices have remained unchanged for five generations.

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Alemany Mel y Turrón
250 milliliters

Customer Reviews

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Dolores Moe
Truly a 'condiment' and not just a vinegar.

The bottle label says, "Cabernet and Chestnut Honey Condiment". That's the perfect description rather than 'vinegar'. Very smooth, nice balance of acidity. I make a Sweet Bell Pepper and Onion Salad that is simply dressed with salt, pepper and red wine or sherry vinegar -- no olive oil, so the vinegar really is the key ingredient. The Cabernet and Chestnut Honey vinegar is a perfect match for this salad. This is a keeper.

Terry Bloor
I love this product!!

I am delighted with this product