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12-Year Truffle Balsamic from Acetaia Leonardi

Acetaia Leonardi

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Balsamic Condiment Aged with White Truffles

Pairing 12-year condimento balsamico with white truffle, Acetaia Leonardi has created a very unusual and nuanced elixir. This prized condiment—aged through a batteria of a minimum 12 travasi and infused for 15 days with precious white truffles from Alba—delivers the purest scent of truffle wrapped in the complex sweetness of balsamic vinegar.

There is nothing better than a tender veal Carpaccio for this liquid treasure. Steaks and grilled meats release the truffle aroma, as does a simple baked potato. Drizzle over prosciutto, pâté of any type or a simple risotto with Parmigiano-Reggiano.

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Acetaia Leonardi
40 milliliters (1.35 ounces)