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Riserva Oro 100 Year Balsamic Condiment from Acetaia Leonardi

Acetaia Leonardi

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Gold Reserve 100-Year-Old Balsamic – Limited Quantities

Not many producers can offer a Condimento Balsamico from a batteria which has been in the family since 1871. Giovanni Leonardi of Acetaia Leonardi has safe-guarded this precious sets of barrels from which he selects a limited amount of liquid black gold. This unbelievable balsamic condiment has been nurtured and pampered for the last century, moving from barrel to barrel, all the while riding the ups and downs of Modena's climactic shifts in the attic, or acetaia, of the Leonardi estate. The flavor is very complex, yet subtle and elusive. 

Riserva Oro 100 Year Condimento Balsamic is dense and viscous as a thick syrup when poured. The sweet vinegar condiment is dark brown with impressive black undertones and a stunning bright surface which shines like a mirror. The perfume of this balsamic is penetrating and layered with floral and dried fruit essences. Harmoniously sweet and tart at the same time, with a singular flavor of caramel, concentrated raisins, black currant, dried figs, dates, and cherries and the brightness which is so characteristic of a perfectly made Balsamic vinegar.

Since the rules of the Consorzio of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena would not grant this product any singularity compared to an Extra Vecchio, the Leonardi family decided to bottle it with a Condimento Balsamico label in order to reflect its uniqueness and express its impressive barrel selection on the label. An old Modenese saying goes that "a drop of balsamic vinegar so as to make a drunken sober down...". We think you might want to save this for something a bit more special.

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Acetaia Leonardi
Modena, Emilia-Romagna
100 ml