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Pure Rice Vinegar from Iio Jozo

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Japanese Rice Vinegar Made with 100% Pesticide-Free Rice

Iio Jozo—a fifth generation vinegar brewery in the Kyoto Prefecture of Japan—has been crafting rice and fruit vinegars for almost 125 years. Their rice vinegar is still produced using traditional methods, taking just over a year from start to finish.

Iio Jozo's Pure Rice Vinegar starts with sake made with new harvest, pesticide-free rice. To make the sake, rice is mixed with koji and then sits for three days before it's pressed and fermented for 45 days. The finished sake is combined with equal parts spring water and vinegar mother, and then is allowed to ferment for another 100 days. The process doesn't stop there—the rice vinegar is aged for another 8 months, rounding out the flavor and softening its tangy bite.

Fun fact: this artisanal product uses 200 grams of rice to make a liter of vinegar (that's five times the minimum amount required by law!).

How to use

Pure Rice Vinegar from Iio Jozo makes a wonderful addition to salad dressings and sauces. Whisk it with yuzu juice and shoyu for a simple ponzu dipping sauce. Stir a couple teaspoons into a sauce for stir-fries and noodle dishes. Looking for a new salad dressing? Try it in our recipe for Mustardy Miso Dressing.

Use this Japanese rice vinegar wherever you want a pop of brightness. We love adding a generous drizzle to greens in the final minutes of cooking. Finish with a teaspoon of Smoked Shoyu and toasted sesame seeds. Or add a splash to braised meats and stews before serving.

About the producer

Iio Jozo—located just outside the seaside town of Miyazu—has been making a selection of rice and fruit vinegars for 123 years. Fifty years ago, fourth generation vinegar maker, Iio-san, switched to using 100% new harvest, pesticide-free rice to make their rice vinegar, some of which is even grown on their estate. Today, his son, Akihiro Iio, continues the family's commitment to masterfully and traditionally made Japanese vinegars, including rice, fig, apple and purple sweet potato.

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