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Spanish Chorizo from Palacios


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Spanish Salami with Pimentón de la Vera

It's hard to overestimate the importance of chorizo in Spanish cuisine. Stroll into a tapas bar in Rioja or Vera and you're likely to see a dozen tapas featuring smoky, spicy chorizo. In omelets, beans, stews, salads, even simply speared on a toothpick, this cured sausage is Spain on a plate!

The chorizo from Palacios is fully cured, ready to eat and incredibly versatile. It's wonderful sliced into discs and served with cheeses like Manchego or a creamy goat cheese. Or you can use Palacios Chorizo to flavor paella, stews or beans, or sauté slices with olive oil and vegetables such as asparagus or potatoes. And you simply can't beat chorizo with eggs. Cook a handful of slices in a pan over medium heat until sizzling, and then crack a couple eggs into the crispy sausage pieces and spicy fat... perfection.

We offer both spicy and sweet chorizo from Palacios, but the difference is subtle. The hot version contains more fiery more seeds from the famous Pimentón de la Vera, but even so, it isn't super spicy.

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