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Organic Whole Grain Einkorn from Bluebird Grain Farms

Bluebird Grain Farms

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Good Food Award-Winning Whole Einkorn Berries

Einkorn is a type of farro similar to emmer and spelt. These whole einkorn berries are packed with protein and other essential vitamins, but are low in gluten making them suitable for those with gluten sensitivities (not for those with celiac disease).

How to use

Simmer in stock or water for 25-30 minutes and top cooked einkorn with your farmer's market haul and a tangy vinaigrette made with Katz Sparkling Wine Vinegar for a filling grain bowl. Or give your einkorn the risotto treatment and simmer with broth, white wine and plenty of Parmigiano-Reggiano for a whole grain twist on the creamy Italian classic. 

Ingredients: Organic Einkorn Wheat (Triticum monococcum) Contains: Wheat

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About the producer

Husband-and-wife team Sam and Brooke Lucy founded Bluebird Grain Farms in the Methow Valley of Washington state. Since 2004, they've been cultivating whole grains using only organic and regenerative farming practices while partnering with other like-minded organic grain farmers in the region. As Sam and Brooke put it, "our goal is to cultivate and mill the most irresistible, nutrient-rich ancient grains we can while leaving this land healthier for the next generation."

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Bluebird Grain Farms
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Catherine Sy
chewy, nutty

Delicious. I cooked mine in my rice cooker with ginger, scallions and sauteed mushrooms.