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Lavender Honey from Provence

Gabriel Perronneau

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French Lavender Honey for Tea, Baking and More

Provencal lavender is heralded worldwide for its intense perfume and fragrant aroma. Renowned French beekeeper Gabriel Perroneau captures the beautiful essence of Provençal lavender in each jar of his French Lavender Honey. This golden elixir is prized for its delicate sweetness, nuanced floral notes and subtle herbaceousness.

The unique flavor of this honey brings something special to everything from a simple cup of tea to baked goods and confections (it's one of the staple ingredients for traditional Provençal nougat). Or try using it to sweeten whipped cream instead of sugar—use to garnish pies, top warm fruit cobblers or add a dollop to mugs of bittersweet French hot chocolate.

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Gabriel Perronneau
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