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Cannellini Beans from La Valletta

La Valletta

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These glossy white and elongated fagioli cannellini from La Valletta are tender and delicate. We love cannellini beans for their versatility, their mild flavor and creamy texture adding dimension to everything from soups to salads. 

How to use

These dried beans must be soaked for at least 12 hours before cooking (we suggest doing it overnight), then simmered with water and aromatics until evenly cooked. Once cooked, use cannellini beans for soups, chili or tossed with a salad of fresh vegetables. For a creamy dip,  blend cannellini beans until smooth, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and dig in with chips or crudités. In Florence, fagioli cannellini are the most common side dish served alongside steak drizzled with Laudemio extra virgin olive oil

Learn how to soak and prep these dried beans for cooking.

About the producer

The La Valletta farm was founded in 1985 by Antonio and Adriana Cappelletti in Colfiorito, a village in the heart of the Umbria-Marche Apennine mountains. Colfiorito’s unique microclimate and terroir provide the optimal conditions for growing legumes and La Valletta—now run and operated by the second and third generations of Cappellettis—is committed to honoring the land by employing traditional farming methods and plastic-free packaging.

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La Valletta
400 g - 14.1 oz

Customer Reviews

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Mary Judge
La Valletta, Fagioli Cannellini meravigliosi ! tender, sweet and easy to cook

These are not the dried beans that take forever to cook and never seem soft!! I followed the package directions exactly:
12 hour soak overnight then 1 hour simmer. Perfection! I ate some right away with a poached egg on top and EVOO.
Salt is always ended at end of cooking not before, tends to hard dried legumes.
Grab some! and from SUCH a beautiful place high in the Val Nerina of Umbria.