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Cognac Mustard from Pommery

Pommery Moutarde de Meaux

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Crafted in Meaux—a region famous for its mustard, located just 25 miles northeast of Paris—Pommery Cognac Mustard is a coarse whole grain mustard flavored with the famous French brandy. Made with 6% Cognac, this mustard is an elegant cousin to Pommery's classic Moutarde de Meaux. A hint of warming spices complements the sweet richness of the Cognac while balancing the pungency of the mustard seeds.

How to use

Pommery Cognac Mustard is a luxurious addition to everything from cheese and charcuterie boards to sandwiches, pan sauces and dressings. Slather on roast beef sandwiches, whisk into a dressing for roasted potatoes or serve alongside Choucroute Garnie (an Alsatian dish of braised meats, sausages and sauerkraut).

For a indulgent pan sauce for pork, beef, or chicken, sauté a bunch of sliced mushrooms in the meat drippings, add a generous pour of cream and cook until the cream has reduced slightly. Finish the sauce with a couple spoonfuls of Pommery Mustard with Cognac.

About the producer

For centuries, the recipe for Moutarde de Meaux has been a closely guarded secret by the Religious Order of the Meaux. Legend has it that this mustard was served at king's tables as early as the 1600s. In the late 1700s, the Religious Order shared their recipe with millstone operator J.B. Pommery, who could ensure that only the best mustard grains would be crushed into the prized condiment. The original recipe remains virtually unchanged to this day.

More Info

Pommery Moutarde de Meaux
8.82 oz - 250 g - 240 ml
Water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, Cognac (6%), spices

Customer Reviews

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Caroline Gates
Best Mustard Ever!

We had a conversation and made the statement we do not need to ever buy any other mustard. This one ticks all the boxes

Happy in Colorado
Happy we tried it!

Beyond delicious with tri-tip, you won't regret the purchase!