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Crushed Pepper Composta from Masseria Mirogallo

Masseria Mirogallo

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Sweet Peppers with Fennel & Parsley in Olive Oil

Ciao, pure pepper perfection! Crushed Pepper Composta from Masseria Mirogallo is a vibrant mix of roughly chopped sweet red and green peppers, fennel seeds, parsley, Italian extra virgin olive oil with a touch of white wine vinegar for acidity.

How to use

Masseria Mirogallo's Crushed Pepper Composta is equally delicious used as a simple condiment or as a flavor-boosting ingredient in cooking—from a topping for pizzas and sandwiches to a peppery addition to pasta sauces and dressings. Here's our 3 favorite ways to use this Italian pantry staple:

1.  Italian Pepper-Marinated Pork Chops: The marinade for these pork chops is ridiculously easy—a couple spoonfuls of crushed peppers, olive oil, fennel pollen and parsley—but it packs a powerful punch of flavor. Don't just stop at pork chops—try this marinade with chicken, fish and seafood too.

2.  Grilled Formaggio: Make a grilled cheese sandwich—Italiano-style—with sharp, nutty Fontina Val d'Aosta cheese, melty mozzarella and Crushed Pepper Composta.

3.  Add Some Pep to Pasta Sauce: Simple tomato sauce + a couple spoonfuls of composta + 90-Second 'Rapida' Spaghetti = A speedy, satisfying dinner in the time it takes water to boil.

About the producer

Since the 1800s, one of the largest farms in Lucana Valley of Basilicata, Italy has been owned by the Mirogallo family, who specializes in the cultivation and preservation of heirloom varieties of fruit and vegetables from which they hand-make very high quality pantry products.

The Mirogallo brothers are quick to point out that everything they put in a jar comes from their fields, and that the only preservatives they use are vinegar and salt. Every summer, the Mirogallo farm is bustling with many farm-workers hand harvesting perfectly sun-ripe fruit and vegetables. Inside the old white washed farm building, a state-of-the-art kitchen transforms the bounty of every day into a wide array of jars of all color and sizes.

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Masseria Mirogallo
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Pizza Night!

We gently heat a few scoops of these peppers, crush them up and spread them on a cheese pizza with red sauce and black olives. YUM!