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Amatriciana Sauce from Roscioli


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Ask anyone in Rome which local restaurant has perfected amatriciana sauce and their answer will be Salumeria Roscioli. The chefs behind this iconic Roman institution have jarred their version of amatriciana sauce so you can recreate the Roscioli experience at home. Made with the same premium regional ingredients that are used at their restaurant—tomatoes from Campania and crispy guanciale (cured pork cheeks)—this jar is as close to the real deal as you’ll get without a plane ticket. 

We like to enjoy amatriciana the same way they serve at their restaurant, with short mezzemaniche pasta that’s dressed (not drenched) in sauce, per the Italian way.   

Read our easy instructions for making restaurant-level pasta with Roscioli Amatriciana sauce at home. 

About the producer

In Rome, the Roscioli family are culinary royalty. Their network of businesses, which include a bread bakery, pastry shop, salumeria and wine bar, attract crowds from all over the world as well as local Romans. Their salumeria is particularly famous for being one of the most sought-after dining destinations in the city. Twice a day, the humble deli is transformed into a full-fledged restaurant serving pasta among other time-honored Roman dishes. 

In the 1950s, Franco Roscioli opened a bread bakery on the outskirts of Rome and a few years later, invited his brother Marco (then only 12 years old) to join him. Today, Marco’s three children are at the helm of the family business that has recently opened their first international outpost in New York City. Read more about the Roscioli family’s legacy from the New York Times. 

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9.52 oz - 270 g

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It was a gift that was made ch appreciated!

Rod Taylor
Not enough of a good thing

This sauce is spectacular in flavor. My only complaint is that the quantity in the jar was less than I expected, especially in the light of its price point. I should have spotted that in the very fine print, and only presents a problem if one orders only a single jar, expecting it to provide more than two modest servings.

Mary Ann Careaga

Amatriciana Sauce from Roscioli