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Sicilian Pistachio Paste from Pariani


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A Decadent Paste of Rare Sicilian Pistachios

Don't let the drab, olive green color of this viscous paste fool you; let your nose and taste buds be the judge. This is a luscious, fragrant paste of unsweetened, 100% unadulterated Sicilian pistachios. These rare pistachios, grown on the fertile, mineral-rich slopes of Mt. Etna, near the village of Bronte, are prized for their aromatic nose and intense fruit flavor. Sandwich a generous layer between macarons, stir a spoonful into pesto or slather over crostini and top with shaved Fiore Sardo (or other sheep's milk cheese) and a drizzle of Orange Blossom Honey.

About the producer

Mattia Pariani’s love affair with hazelnuts began during his studies at the University of Torino, where his thesis on hazelnut oil won the National Innovation Prize. Not content with scholarly writing and research, the nut nut began extracting and bottling his own oils from the finest Piemontese hazelnuts and quickly gained a reputation as the ultimate artisan producer of Italian nut oils. Mattia’s passion is evident in all of the Pariani products, which range from that exquisite hazelnut oil to nut pastes and flours, as well as decadent torrone.

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180 grams (6.35 oz.)

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Diane Hall
Intense Pistachio Flavor

It’s hard to find unsweetened pistachio paste as opposed to pistachio cream, which is a wonderful ingredient but not suitable for, say, pasta sauce. This intense, dark green purée makes an ideal base for a rich pistachio pesto. Mix with sautéed onions, fresh grated Parmesan, and some pasta water for a savory, velvety sauce that brings real pistachio flavor to the table.