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Organic Soy Sauce from Yamaki Jozo

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Artisanal Organic Japanese Shoyu

Yamaki Jozo—a soy sauce brewery located in Kamikawa, Saitama Prefecture—has been producing traditional Japanese shoyu for almost 120 years. Fifth generation Kitani-san and his siblings still craft their soy sauce using age-old techniques and five simple ingredients: organic soybeans, organic wheat, sea salt, koji and mountain spring water. No fillers or preservatives here! Their shoyu is so highly regarded that it is presented to the Emperor of Japan every year.

Based at the bottom of a local mountain in their province, Yamaki Jozo built a pipe from the top of the mountain to their factory to ensure a supply of pristine, natural spring water. The water is combined with whole Japan-grown soy beans and wheat, plus sea salt and koji to create the moromi (translating to "the mash"), which Yamaki Jozo says is the soul of their shoyu. The moromi is aged for two years in cedar barrels. The finished soy sauce is round, nuanced and beautifully balanced with a delicate salinity, subtle fruitiness and rich umami flavor.

Please refrigerate after opening.

Ingredients: water, organic soybeans, organic wheat, sea salt, koji.

How to use

Yamaki Jozo's Organic Soy Sauce elevates any dish with just a spoonful or drizzle, from soups and stews to dressings, sauces and marinades. Mix it with yuzu juice, mirin and Pure Rice Vinegar for an easy ponzu sauce. Or add a splash to braises and pan sauces for instant depth and umami (we particularly love it in Gyudon, a Japanese beef and rice bowl).

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