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French Honey Gift Set from Gabriel Perronneau

Gabriel Perronneau

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Assorted French Honey in Four Flavors

This sweet gift set from famed French honey producer Gabriel Perronneau includes four types of honey: acacia, spring blossom, mountain and chestnut. Each varietal is unique with its own characteristics:

  • Acacia: delicate, floral with subtle notes of vanilla. Great stirred into a cup of tea.
  • Spring blossom (Creamy Flower): a mild to medium bodied honey with rich floral aromas. Wonderful whipped with salted butter and spread on toasted brioche.
  • Mountain: medium-bodied with savory and herbal notes. Use in salad dressings or add to a glaze for roasted meats.
  • Chestnut: rich and full-bodied with a pleasing bitterness. Pair with French blue cheeses like Fourme d'Ambert or Saint Agur. Or, drizzle over crepes filled with lightly sweetened ricotta cheese.

About the producer

Apiculture Production Innovation Distribution (APIDIS) is the Perronneau family business based in Dijon, France. Honey has been central to the Perronneau family since 1890. Gabriel Perronneau jokes that with 30,00 to 60,000 worker bees per hive and over 4,000 hives, he is "the largest employer in France!" Today, the fourth and fifth generation of Perronneaus steer the company together as they continue to share their family legacy with the world.

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Gabriel Perronneau
Four 50-gram jars

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