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The Best of California is One Gift Basket

Discover the best of California with this gift basket featuring our favorite snacks, sweets and ingredients—handpicked by our buyers. Stock your pantry with Golden State-crafted ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, heirloom single-varietal wheat pasta, tomato sauce and jam. Plus, dive into sweet and savory snacks like BBQ nut mix, crackers and tapenade, Dandelion Chocolate bars, chocolate-covered caramelized graham crackers and chocolate-covered orange peel strips.

Packed in a rustic wooden crate and tied with our signature bow, this gift basket includes:

  • Séka Hills Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Katz California Wine Vinegar
  • Rustic Bakery Crackers
  • Olive Tapenade from Sutter Buttes
  • Community Grains Heirloom Wheat Pasta
  • DeNapoli Tomato Sauce
  • Jamnation Fruit Jam
  • Single-Origin Chocolate Bar from Dandelion Chocolate
  • Caramelized Graham Crackers from Kika's Treats
  • Barlovento Chocolate-Covered Orange Peel Strips

*NEW! Two ways to gift:

  1. Order all of these goodies packed in a gift basket and tied with a bow. Choose "Packed in a gift basket" from the drop down menu before you add to your basket.
  2. Want to forgo the basket and just order this curated collection of amazing products, no extra gift packaging required? Choose "Just the products—no basket needed!" in the drop down menu before you add to your shopping basket.

Since many of our products are sourced from artisan producers at home and abroad, we sometimes run out of inventory. When this happens, we will substitute items of equal quality, value and good taste.

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