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Apricot & Raspberry Pâtes de Fruits from F. Doucet

F. Doucet

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French Fruit Jelly Squares in Two Fruit Flavors

Open a taste of peak-season summer flavor with these quintessential French jellies made by family-run F. Doucet. Located in Le Val de Durance, Provence, F. Doucet crafts their pâtes de fruits with a whopping 51% fruit. To make these Provençal candies, apricots and raspberries are harvested at the optimal ripeness and cooked briefly in large copper cauldrons with sugar and just a touch of pectin. The result is a soft, exquisite jelly packed with bright fruit flavor.

In this set, you will receive one each of the following flavors: apricot pâtes de fruits and raspberry pâtes de fruits. Each wand contains nine pieces of each flavor.

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F. Doucet
Two 90-gram wands (9 pieces each)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Yum yum yum

C. Carson
Fruity and Sweet

Very delicious fruits de pates!

Ron Prestia
Discerning Differences

I find these confections to be almost perfect. My one reservation is the presence in the raspberry flavor of very tiny seeds. (And you thought I wouldn’t notice …)
I’m really enjoying these jellies, and the delighted reaction of our friends to the samples we’ve given them to taste. Outstanding!

Carolyn Yost

They were very good, but had more sugar on the exterior that detracted from the flavor for me.

Lainie Freeman
The best I've found but not perfect

I don't know why finding excellent Pate de Fruit is so hard. I recall having them first time about 10 years ago and you got FRUIT and then I get a lot of sugar and then some fruit flavor. The apricot is nondescript but the raspberry is better. But I think they're fine, if you've never tasted them in Paris.
And I know I could make them-the reason I pay a premium is that it's a lot of work and in the winter there is really no great fruit. They are best with really vibrant berries and stone fruit like plums. And yea, I'm a lazy chef...I'M RETIRED!!!