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Pistacchiosa from Il Colle del Gusto

Il Colle del Gusto

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Sicilian Pistachio Spread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pistachios get the luxury treatment in this unbelievably smooth, sweet spread from Il Colle del Gusto. Extra virgin olive oil lends glossy sheen and velvety texture, but the flavor is all pistachio. The high percentage of Sicilian pistachio paste in this dreamy jarful makes for an intensely nutty flavor and aroma that you'll smell the second you pop open the lid.

How to Use

Pistachio lovers will want to eat it right out of the jar, but you can also use Pistacchiosa as you would chocolate sauce, spooned over fresh ricotta cheese or frozen yogurt or stirred into rice pudding. Mixed with pastry cream or whipped cream, it becomes a sensuous filling for cakes and cream puffs. Or drizzle artfully atop white chocolate truffles for a simple, beautiful dessert presentation.


  • 2015 Gold sofi™ Award for Best Jam, Preserve, Honey or Nut Butter

About the Producer

In 2012, Antonio della Corte was creating sweet mixes for gelaterie and pastry shops and Anna Maria Conti was running a farm, bed and breakfast a few miles north of Rome. In a blend as natural as chocolate and hazelnut, the two combined their talents to produce a line of spreads made with Anna Maria's own extra virgin olive oil and nuts grown on friends' farms. We met the couple (partners in business and in life) at the farmers market in Rome just three months after the launch of their delicious creations, and we loved the spreads so much that we decided right there and then to bring them back for you.

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Il Colle del Gusto
8 ounces

Customer Reviews

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Pistacchiosa from Il Colle del Gusto

Sweeter than I expected, but still delicious.

Stephen Royse

Pistacchiosa from Il Colle del Gusto

Mark H
Wonderfully odd and delicious

This sauce is unique…and wonderful. You think you know what to expect from a pistachio butter but then this earthy, sweet, alkaline, rich and oily cream hits your mouth and you have no idea what you are tasting…except that you have to have another spoonful.


It is fabulous…..almost too yummy.

cori morse morse

This stuff is amazing! I put it on vegan croissants and it’s such a treat. I ordered 8 of them to give as Christmas gifts and my husband said they are all for us. Ha!