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Acetaia Leonardi Riserva Oro 100 Year Balsamic

Acetaia Leonardi

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In the decade that saw the Great San Francisco earthquake and Albert Einstein publish his "Special Theory of Relativity", the Leonardi family was hard at work barreling a balsamic vinegar to be bottled 100 years later. This unbelievable product has been nurtured and pampered for the last century, moving from barrel to barrel, all the while riding the ups and downs of Modena's climactic shifts in the attic, or acetaia, of the Leonardi estate. The flavor is very complex, yet subtle and elusive. An old Modenese saying goes that "a drop of balsamic vinegar so as to make a drunken sober down...". We think you might want to save this for something a bit more special.
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Acetaia Leonardi
Modena, Emilia-Romagna
100 ml