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Sour Fruit Strips from Ashby Confections

Ashby Confections

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Sour Strip Candied Made with Real Fruit

Calling all sour candy lovers! Ashby Confections' sour fruit strips have all of the nostalgia of the beloved childhood sweet with none of the artificial flavors or colorings. Entirely handmade with locally sourced organic fruit, these California-crafted sour candies are coated in a blend of cane sugar and citric acid, producing just the right balance of zing and sweetness. There is nothing artificial about what goes into these tart and chewy strips. Flavors vary by season and what local fruit is available.

About the producer

Founder of Ashby Confections, Jennifer Ashby, has not only made a place for people to treat themselves to an elevated confection experience, but has also made it one where you can see first-hand the true artwork that goes into each chocolate, caramel or candy. 

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Ashby Confections
United States
Santa Cruz, California
3 ounces

Customer Reviews

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Larry Narachi
Super delicious

I love this confection mostly because you taste FRUIT and not sugar - Jennifer is a true artist in confectionary arts