Airborne Honey

Honest, Undamaged, Traceable

The folks at Airborne Honey are passionate about honey, honoring the hard-working honey bee and providing best-quality honey to their customers. They hold all their honey to three overarching principles: Honest, Undamaged and Traceable.

Honest: The pollen count of every batch of honey is tested to make sure that the varietal is being labeled correctly based on their monofloral honey specifications (so you can be sure your Manuka Honey is actually coming from the nectar of manuka flowers). Curious what the particular pollen count is in your jar of honey? They print the pollen count for every individual batch on the jar.

Undamaged: Airborne Honey harvests their honey using a proprietary process that uses as little heat as possible, so they can verify that all of their honey is undamaged by heat.

Traceable: Each jar of honey can be traced back to its origin and is labeled with a batch number. You can even use their TraceMe online app to trace back to the apiary where it came from.

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