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Organic White Tea with Citrus & Goji Berries – Year of the Friendly Dog by Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères

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Année du Chien Amical Tea – Thé des Signes Collection – 2018 Limited Edition

Tea type: Organic white tea

Flavor: This limited edition white tea is light and crisp with fresh notes of organic citrus balanced with a subtle tartness from the addition of goji berries.

Drink this tea with: The bright notes of citrus in the tea complement lemon-forward sweets—enjoy alongside lemon shortbread, lemon curd tartlets or Meyer lemon-scented olive oil cake.

Cooking with tea: Use in a refreshing iced tea and citrus granita.

Words from Mariage Frères: "MARIAGE FRÈRES has created a wonderful organic imperial white tea made of beautiful silver needles perfectly married to the precious notes of organic citrus.

Goji berries, signature of the collection THÉ DES SIGNES, bring their fruity notes and revitalizing effects to this gourmand blend. Lime green in colour, a beautiful pagoda shaped tin houses this adorable THÉ DES SIGNES – YEAR OF THE DOG.

A vivid and refreshing cup to be adopted for the whole year.

Listed on the tea caddy are the Years of the Dog familiar to our parents and those which our grandchildren will come to know : 1910 - 1922 - 1934 - 1946 - 1958 - 1970 - 1982 - 1994 - 2006 - 2018 - 2030 - 2042, a tradition of merrily welcoming each new generation."

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Mariage Frères
30 grams