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White Ginger Syrup from Robert Lambert

Robert Lambert

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From the maestro of fruit in the Napa Valley...

Robert Lambert has been coaxing the flavors out of fruits for years now and this gorgeous syrup is one of his newest and finest creations. He takes young ginger - before it's even sprouted - and cooks it down over a few days with warming winter spices (he won't tell us exactly which!). The result is a spicy and silky syrup with dozens of uses in the holiday kitchen.

We love it stirred into hot tea - Earl Grey Imperial or Jasmin Mandarin from Mariage Freres, for example. Drizzle a bit over your favorite sorbet or ice cream for a spicy zing. Spoon over blintzes filled with fresh cheese and lemon zest. Stir into whipped cream for topping pumpkin or apple pie. Splash into a bowl of fresh fruit for a quick fruit salad.

On the savory side, make a dipping sauce for tempura or skewers (chicken or fish) with shoyu and white ginger syrup. Stir some into a pan of glazed carrots. Whisk into a dressing for a sweet potato salad or cole slaw.

And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention cocktails...a teaspoon in a glass of champagne with a Crystallized Ginger floater - could there be a more festive cocktail? Be sure to try Robert Lambert's Yuzu Syrup, too!

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Robert Lambert
United States
San Rafael, California
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