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Violet Mustard from KL Keller

KL Keller Foodways

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Crunchy French-Style Mustard Made with California Grape Must

KL Keller Violet Mustard (named for its unusual hue) has roots in the traditional violet mustards of Limoges, France, but Cabernet Sauvignon grape must from California provides the deep purple color and contributes raisiny sweetness. That, combined with whole grain mustard seeds, a dash of vinegar and a selection of warm spices, results in a uniquely flavored, crunchy mustard.

How to use

Try this small-batch Violet Mustard spread on a croque monsieur or grilled cheese sandwich with aged cheddar, enjoy it as a condiment for sausage, pork tenderloin or grilled lamb, or serve with charcuterie such as pâté de campagne as well as Alpine-style or fresh goat cheeses. Or make our recipe for Crispy Ham & Chicory Salad with Violet Mustard Vinaigrette (pictured).

In our Market Hall Foods kitchen, we love to use Kitty's Violet Mustard in a flavorful compound butter—mix a couple spoonfuls of Violet Mustard with softened unsalted butter and a pinch of fleur de sel. Dollop the compound butter on grilled pork chops, spread over salmon fillets and bake or use in a sandwich with French jambon and arugula.

About the producer

Our friend Kitty Keller founded KL Keller Foodways—a food import business highlighting products from France, Spain and the United Kingdom—in 1994 to source and share the products that she loved using in her own kitchen.

Today, Kitty and her team remain committed to advocating for artisan producers, educating people about the foods they sell, and dreaming up new relationships between ingredients to create delicious products of the best quality. We are thrilled to offer some of the wonderful foods that KL Keller Foodways has become known for, such as fine American mustards, flavored Spanish sea salts and the famous Basque pepper, Piment d’Espelette. Read more about Kitty and KL Keller Foodways.

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