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Vadouvan Curry Powder from Whole Spice Co.

Whole Spice Company

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One of the mildest and most delicate of curries, Vadouvan is a French take on Indian seasoning, having originated in the French settlement of Pondicherry in southern India. Featuring tangy, aromatic curry leaves and a medley of classic Indian spices, this blend gets a French twist and a hint of earthy sweetness from the addition of shallots, onion and garlic.

Cooking coaxes out the deep roasted and smoky flavors of Vadouvan, while a sprinkle at the end of cooking plays up its lighter, brighter notes. The blend plays particularly well with rich ingredients: meats, roasted vegetables, potatoes, cream sauce, anything sautéed in butter. Use Vadouvan as you would any curry powder and marvel at the complexity of flavor it brings to your dishes. Or have fun experimenting with Vadouvan—on popcorn and candied nuts, in dips and dressings, as a rub for grilled meat, even in ice cream—and discover just how versatile this multicultural curry powder can be. 

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