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Titone D.O.P. Organic Extra Virgin Olio Nuovo


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Limited First Pressing of 2018 Harvest Olive Oil

Tasting Notes: The 2018 Olio Nuovo is complex and balanced. This freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil has a very bright, fresh olive taste and full body that flirts on the palate. Aromas of green herbs like rosemary, sage and bay leaf round out the flavor with a lingering, spiciness that sings in the mouth. 

Uses: Drizzle Titone Organic Olio Nuovo over crudo of shrimp, scallops or tuna, or over a simple grilled Mediterranean fish such as branzino. Ideal to pour over steamed green beans or a cooked beans. The olive oil also adds new dimensions to steak, tomatoes or even fresh ricotta.

What is Antonella Titone's favorite way to enjoy the new harvest oil?
"I love to pour it over everything and use as much as possible, as raw as possible."

Read why the LA Times says Olio Nuovo makes "a symbolically and seasonally perfect Hanukkah ingredient — and not a bad holiday gift."

More Info

250 ml
Harvest Date
October 2018
Olive Varietal
Nocellara - Biancolilla - Cerasuola