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Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey

Tasmanian Honey Company

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As seen in the Wall Street Journal.

Spicy and deeply complex, this honey has been supporting the export economy of the small southern Pacific island of Tasmania for over 100 years. The flavor is very fine with a subtle spice and savory quality - the sweetness is certainly present but seems to dominate the flavor less than say, clover honey.  The flavor is best appreciated spread on warm toast or plain scones - but we've used it in a honey cake recipe to GREAT success. 

Blossoming from huge trees which can grow to 100 feet, the white flowers of the Leatherwood tree are the source for 70% of Tasmania's honey. Leatherwood honey is appreciated the world over for its unique flavor and heady, floral aroma.  Because very little and low heat is used in the "harvesting" of the honey, the crystal structure is extremely fine.  This results in a honey that is rich and spreadable at room temperature.

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Tasmanian Honey Company
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John M
Wow just Wow

I saw this honey in a Gordon Ramsey travel show. They made it sound so rich and savory that I had to try it. I ordered 2 cans. I now start my day with a half teaspoon of this heavenly nectar! I used it in mint juleps on derby day and over Brie. I gave my mother the second can as she lived it so much. Now I’m ordering again so I won’t run out. If you love rich floral honey unlike any other order a can or two of Hardwood 😁


I first tried it about 6 years ago and was a bit taken aback by its richness. Since realised that all other honey is sugary and feeble by comparison. Manuka included. The honey by which all other honey should be judged in my opinion.

Wayne Guy
Nectar of the Gods

I'm a Tasmanian, living in California for the past 16 years. I've missed Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey and am delighted to see it at Market Hall Foods.
The Japanese have a name for Tasmania that translates as "The Island Closest to Heaven". That being the case this honey would have to be the nectar of the gods.
It's not a honey for everyone as it has a definite, unusual flavor, but in my opinion, it makes every other honey taste ordinary.
I love it, my wife doesn't. You should experience this for yourself.

Gus W
Quite something

This indeed is pretty unique honey. Spicey, flowery and has the loveliest orange colour. The moment you open it and just smell it you know you're in for a treat. In fact, it's so tasty I just keep the tin handy and have a teaspoonful every day -- on its own, without anything else. The packaging's pretty, too. Makes a wonderful and unique gift for someone with the sweet tooth.

The Best Honey You Will Ever Taste...Period!

I travel all over the world and seek out honey wherever I go. I'm a hobby beekeeper and honey fanatic. This is by far, the most exquisite honey you will ever try. The Leatherwood flower produces a beautiful, floral honey that is not cloyingly sweet like so many other honeys I've tried. I've tried the other honey offerings from Tasmanian Honey Company and they are also fabulous..wish MarketHall Foods would stock them...Meadowood and Christmas Honey. My next trip will be to Tasmania!