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Soom Silan Date Syrup

Soom Foods

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Refined Sugar-Free Syrup Made with 100% Steamed & Pressed Dates

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth without the refined sugar? Enter Soom Silan Date Syrup. This versatile syrup—made with 100% steamed and pressed dates (grown throughout Israel)—has a rich, buttery caramel-like flavor with deep notes of molasses and a pourable texture.

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How to use

Use it in place of honey, maple syrup or agave in your favorite sweets and baked goods recipes. Try it in our recipe for Sweet & Salty Tahini Date Granola (pictured). Silan Date Syrup also makes a lovely addition to cocktails—Silan Old Fashioned, anyone?

About the producer

Soom Foods is a Philadelphia-based, all-women-owned company that was founded by three sisters—Shelby, Jackie and Amy—in the pursuit of truly transcendent tahini. Their vision: To make tahini a staple in the American pantry because it is a delicious, nutritious and versatile ingredient. The newest addition to their line is Silan Date Syrup.

Their tahini has gained national recognition from SaveurFood & WineBon AppétitThe New York Times, The Kitchn and more. Not to mention, Jackie and Amy graced the Forbes 30 Under 30: Food and Drink list in 2018.

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