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Smoked Olive Oil from O-MED


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Spanish Single-Varietal Smoked Olive Oil

Tasting notes

To craft their smoked olive oil, Juan de Dios and Paula Garcia Casasby—4th generation owners of O-Med—cold smoke the oil with the leftover olive pits rather than wood. Made with 100% arbequina olives, the oil is smoked in large, shallow trays, allowing more surface area for the smoke to penetrate the oil.

The result is one of the most beautifully balanced smoked oils we've ever come across. Upon first taste, you're met with a delicate smokiness, followed by a gentle kiss of green apple and green almond—typical of Spanish arbequina olive oils—and a lingering tickle of black pepper in the finish.

How to use

This Spanish smoked olive oil adds instant wood-fired (or, in this case, olive pit-fired) flavor with a simple pour or drizzle—and pairs with just about anything. Use to finish a plate of burrata, swirl a spoonful into bowls of creamy risotto or drizzled over avocado toast topped with Ventresca (tender white tuna belly).

We also love incorporating Smoked Olive Oil from O-Med into dishes—whisk into a vinaigrette for salads (it is particularly good as a dressing for potato salad), use to make a smoky chimichurri for pan-seared steak or whip it into a smoky aioli.

More Info

Ácula, Granada, Andalucía
250 milliliters
Harvest Date
November 2019
Olive Varietal
100% Arbequina