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Italian Sea Fennel Pesto (Pesto di Paccasassi) from Rinci


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Italian Pesto Made with Sea Fennel for Pasta, Fish & More

What is sea fennel?

Sea fennel—known as paccasassi in the local Ancona dialect—is an aromatic succulent plant traditionally eaten in the eastern Italian region of Marche. These sea-loving plants have tender stalks and delicate elongated leaves with a unique subtle marine flavor.

About Rinci Sea Fennel Pesto (Pesto di Paccasassi) 

Luca, Francesco, and Alessandro, founders of Rinci, collaborate with local farmers to organically cultivate this regional favorite. To make their pesto, the sea fennel shoots are hand-harvested in late spring and blended with extra virgin olive oil, cashews and lemon juice. The pesto has a smooth yet rustic texture, mild salinity and silky richness from both the nuts and the olive oil. 

How to use

Enjoy Italian Sea Fennel Pesto from Rinci on top of warm crostini or use as a spread for sandwiches (especially fried fish sandwiches!). Add a spoonful to flavor the broth when making fish stew or steamed mussels. Toss with spaghetti alle vongole or filled ravioli. Dilute with olive oil to dress a shrimp salad.

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140 grams (4.9 ounces)