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Sardines with Lemon from Les Mouettes d'Arvor

Les Mouettes d'Arvor

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Whole Sardines Packed with Lemon

A slice of lemon has been packed in this tin, and its bright acidity is a natural mate for the rich sardines in their extra virgin olive oil bath. Citrus aroma permeates the tender flesh of the fish, resulting in delicate and well-balanced flavor. Let the sardines shine on a slice of toasted levain topped with an extra squeeze of fresh lemon juice. These plump French beauties are also wonderful paired with fennel in a fresh salad or fragrant pasta sauce. For brunch, mix mashed sardines with cream cheese, red onion and parsley and serve with rye bread or bialys.

About the Producer: Les Mouettes d'Arvor ("the seagulls of Arvor") is the only remaining seafood cannery in the Breton town of Concarneau, one of France's largest fishing ports. Here, Jacques Gonidec and his team continue to do things the old fashioned way: The freshest sardines, fished in season, are cured in ice-cold salt water to maintain texture and flavor, then cleaned, dried, quickly fried, cut and laid into cans... all by hand.

Ingredients: Sardines (75%), extra virgin olive oil, lemon (6%), salt.

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Les Mouettes d'Arvor
Bay of Biscay
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