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Salted Gianduja Spread from La Molina

La Molina

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Italian Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread with a Touch of Sea Salt

Salted Gianduja Spread from Tuscany's premier chocolatier, La Molina, is going to become your new obsession. Chocolate and Piedmont hazelnuts are blended into a smooth paste and then mixed with tiny sea salt crystals. The crystals give the gianduja paste a pleasant texture and the saltiness only appears at the end of each luxurious bite.

How to use

Slather La Molina's Salted Gianduja Spread on a thick slice of warm toasted levain, sandwich between shortbread cookies or—if you're like us—eat it straight out of the jar (shhh, we won't tell). For an effortless and easy dessert, fold the gianduja spread into whipped cream, spoon into individual prepared tart shells and garnish with Chopped Italian IGP Hazelnuts.

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La Molina
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